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US space commander predicts satellite attacks

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The Air Force’s new top commander for space predicted on Tuesday future attacks on U.S. satellites and called for greatly expanded tracking and identification of payloads launched by other countries.

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Ok, so what, dachte ich mir, die Kommentare aber sind köööööstlich, bspw:

I hear it’s those children that are in Hezbollah. They’re practicing throwing rocks and jumping really high – AT THE SAME TIME.

Amazing the advances those Katyushas have gotten since they were invented in World War II.

I picture some guy sitting in a rocking chair under the stars in sub-saharan Africa, laser rifle laying across his lap, waiting for the azimuth angle to be just right, then ZAP! no more DirectTV

Does this mean that I may loose my MTV?

I read the title and I thought „Woo! Ion Cannon!“ Come on people! It’s 2006! I want to be able to blow crap up with google maps!

Dugg, simply because there’s a man who can honestly introduce himself as the US Space Commander.

oh my… man reiche mir bitte mein Taschentuch, meine Tränen, oh meine Tränen :)))

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