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10 Metercrazy, 10 Meters of Extended German Coastline, Beschreibung:

Central to the exhibition is the work 10 Meters of Extended German Coastline (2006) where Recke traveled to North Germany and dug into the beach shore to extend the total sum of German coastline by 10 meters. In the gallery will be bags with the sand from the intervention and a series of documentation photographs. The act of removing thus becomes an act of extending and the ’leftover’ material is recontextualized in the gallery space as the artwork. As such the work is a generous gesture towards or rather a gift to the German people – Recke conceptually enlarges your country and allows you to own a concrete piece of that enlargement; at the same time as the work makes a reference to the fact that the size of Germany in terms of square kilometers is disproportionate with the length of its coastline (the complete opposite of Denmark) and that Germans often come to Denmark on vacation exactly because of that

Nikolaj Recke for President 🙂

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