Lotus Notes: Templates für Mobile Access

are there any very lean mail templates, to access your mailbasket by your mobile (WAP / GPRS)?

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Robert Basic

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  • Templates? None that I know of. But why would you want to do that using a new template? How about using IMAP?
    I guess, you could probably come up with a fairly decent configuration of the new RSS feed aggregator template from the Domino 7.0.2 release. I haven’t yet played with it but from what I’ve heard it should be fairly simple to configure an RSS feed for an existing Domino view such as your inbox. It would increase the server load significantly though, as vowe points out at heise.

  • yes, i know about IMAP, always a solution, but.. a blogreader asked me that and said, that he is just looking for GPRS/WAP but not IMAP. ok, anyway, thank you!