Valleywag and the middle-aged man in MySpace

listen, young ones from Valleywag (the SlaveSpace of Gawker Media:), you have to learn listening how the grass is growing (a little saying – like „see through a millstone“ – in this small country called Germany, somewhere in Europe near Bavaria). Mentally i feel not quite ready to realize that im 40 (not a week ago) and now the whole world must know about my status quo being „middle-aged“, great, thank you, reminding me about that:) Regarding this MySpace stuff, the truth is, i like all this young ladies there in this MySpace-thing but my wife… the problem is, she’s reading my Blog… so what should i do? So i told the other guy, Rob Levine, that im not into MySpace, you know, „grafics“, „layout“, „spam“ and so on, brothers.

btw, it sucks not being able to comment on your SlaveSpace called Valleywag;)

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