Wissensaustausch anonymisiert?

sehr interessanter Denkansatz, den Lenssen anlässlich der Vorstellung des japanischen Megaboards (active since 1999, with 28 million pages listed in Google) beschreibt:

For one thing, as Wikipedia writes, „€œOne Toshiaki [the default name for an anonymous poster] is as good (or as much a loser) as another.“€? There is no reason for anyone to feel like they stand out as someone important in this Japanese community. If nicknames were used, as the creator of the board Hiroyuki Nishimura once explained in an interview, those people would gain authority in this network over time… an authority which would make it harder for others to tell them „€œwhat you say is wrong/ boring/ lame.“€? Nishimura says, „€œAll information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work.“€? And: „€œ[P]eople can only truly discuss something when they don“€™t know each other.“€?

Der andere Grund sei, dass sich dort die Japaner auf dem Board viel freier bewegen können, wenn sie komplett anonym sind.

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