Dell führt Blog-Policy an: wie spreche ich Blogger an?

DELLs Pressemitteilung: Dell today announced an industry-leading standard for ethical, accurate and transparent communication through weblogs, chat rooms, discussion forums and other online channels used to communicate with customers and other stakeholders.

Die Blog-Policy findet man direkt auf der DELL-Seite, wenn man wissen möchte, was so drinsteht.

DELL hat die Policy in Zusammenarbeit mit WOMMA erstellt. Womma wat? Dell“€™s online communications comprises the recognized industry standard for online marketing and communications established by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). WOMMA ist also ein Verband von Marketingagenturen in den USA, die sich der Mundpropaganda verschrieben haben. Allen voran BzzAgent, das erfolgreichste Unternehmen (siehe Artikel über U:BzzAgent).

Nun kommentiert Jeff Jarvis, medienweit wie ein bunter Hund bekannt durch die DELL-Hell Story (wochenlang DELL auf seinem Blog fertiggemacht, weil sein Notebook nicht 100% funktionierte und der Support sich nicht sonderlich geschickt angestellt hatte) ganz genüsslich:

I sensed that the reporters on the call found it as curious as I did that Dell thinks this is new and worthy of a big announcement. Isn“€™t it always a company“€™s policy, in any interaction „€” by blog, telephone, or letter „€” to be open and honest? They try to argue that blogs are new and they need to teach employees how to be ethical in their interaction with them. Said the leader of WOMMA: „€œWe“€™re making it easy to be ethical.“€? I think my mother made that easy when she told me not to lie. And she didn“€™t belong to any Association of Ethical Moms. In fact, I think it“€™s possibly dangerous to put up this elaborate construct of policies and guidelines and toolkits and announcements. The message to employees should be as simple as this:
Tell the truth

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