Five things and three

five things, Jonvon, … even if its somehow to0 personal for me to blog about this things. But if you can do i can do it too, since you asked me;)

Here are five things you (probably) don’t know about me

1. Stupidity
when i was 12 years old i was playing with some friends of mine in a forrest. Being soldiers and that kind of childish games. When we suddenly stumbled upon an old quarry. Fanta (i dont know why we called him „Fanta“) asked all of us who would have the guts , to climb upon that quarry. Nobody said something, just me, little stupid guy. Hey, that quarry was about 90 feet high and very steep, real steep. So Fanta and me started to attack the „old big giant“… lol.. man. I was not very brave, neither then nor today. Im still not sure, why i wanted to „be a man“. During the advancement (we called it uphill battle) Fanta told me not to grab that twig instead… crack… the twig did broke apart. And i was hanging there. Me, the broken but still holding twig and easily 60 feet below the point where i would leave this young life let go:) Fanta tried to reach for my other hand (he was a little bit higher since he was physically much more agile than mine). In that moment you mean to cry or to get in panic. Instead, although i was transpiring as mad, i started to laugh. Yes, i did realized my situation, but somehow the whole situation meant to be funny to me. I thought about my bravery, my parents, all the crying people, lamenting my death. Years later i watched the movie „Gladiator“ and there is a scene, when Maximus says to Commodus: „I knew a man once who said, „Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.“ I did, yes, i did, because of that Fanta called me mad. And one absolutely crazy thing is remarkable: i thought more about my glasses, that they hopefully wont slip away, since i was so sweating. More than about my own little problem. To make the long story short, i passed my chance, to get a look behind the real life and Fanta could help me to climb the rest upon the peak of the quarry. On the other side of the quarry you could easily get down. Since then i know, i dont need extreme sports to learn where my limits are. And yes, there is a little thing with that thing called death. You never know when you will face it, but i know that my chances are good not to die as a coward (so just stupid men are speaking, i told you that im still stupid). Although, it doesnt really count, if you are gone. No, i did never told my parents about my little adventure;)

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2. Humility
On my way back from the school – on a sunny winter day – i always came along a small park with a little pond. It was not a very deep pond, but enough to loose your life in winter, when it was frozen and you break through. So that day i looked upon the other side of the frozen pond (some 150 feet away) and realized, that a small child was hanging there up to his hip in the icy water. It didnt move. So, i dropped my satchel and started to run. I did not run far when another guy came up on the other side and saved that boy. Puhh… i returned to my satchel and it .. stank very sickening. I dropped it right upon a big pile of dog poop. You know what? God was right to teach me the meaning of humility. I confess i thought in that moment running to the boy on my glorious act, all the newspaper and so on. „Robert the big savior“. Never ever put yourself upon another life. Its called „Humility“. Sometimes you learn things the hard way, yes, i did and it was good:))

3. Smart assed
Being young means being invincible, intelligent, beautiful and smart. Sometimes too smart. There are human beings believing in God, the existence of the Devil and all this unseen things you can simply believe it but never know about it for sure. I thought to myself „there is no devil, stupid tellings, which soul, our brain is a complex biological system, thats all..its all about physics“. So what does a real scientist as mine will do in this moment? Yes, sure, he will try to prove the none existence of the devil. How? By constructing a trap. And what does the devil demand the most? Your soul! So, be it. A small guy, maybe 8 mabye 9 yaers old, enters the elevator, which he uses every day instead taking the 5 storys in his apartment house where he lives. If you press the button 5 you should get out in the fifth floor? Yes, indeed! Not this day. I entered the elevator and told to the devil, loud and clear: „dear devil, i bet with you, if i will push the button for the fifth floor, that i will get there. Not 4,3,2,1, just the fifth floor. If i wont, you can have my soul!“ Oh, i was that smart. Technically seen it was impossible to stop the elevator earlier. Not from outer nor from the inner side. Once you push the right button, you will end there. Knowing that the elevator needs excactly 24 seconds to reach the fifth floor, i counted the seconds after i pressed the button with the number 5. You cant hardly miss it since the buttons are arranged in pairs. -1&0, 1&2, 3&4 , just 5 is placed alone. Ok, i counted when the elevator stopped at around 20 seconds. Hm… that fast? The machine was tuned this day? No, the doors opened and you know upon which number i starred? 4… damn 4. Not 5. 4! Shit! Right. All i can do is to wait upon that day to finally reapprove my theory when i will stand before the two famous doors:))

Good, you shouldnt know more about me. Enough bad english, enough personal story tellings. The fourth and fifth thing i will tell you when we meet each other personally maybe one day in our somehow interesting lifes, my dear Jonvon :))

and this one is for all of us Forever Young (Alphaville) being that what you become in your youth.

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