was macht ein gutes Blog aus?

Tony Hung hat auf Problogger einen prima Gastbeitrag verfasst: The Rules Behind Creating a Great Blog

klar, mir gefällt der Punkt Passion am besten:

Great blogs are written with an incredible passion for the topics at hand, and much like great sex, it can“€™t be faked. Passion and intensity for your topic is something that“€™s palpable and energizing, and what I call the „€œX-factor“€? behind a great blog. And its the litmus test behind your blogging efforts. If you find you can“€™t work up the energy and enthusiasm to get excited about your own blog, maybe its time to start asking yourself some hard questions about whether you need to change your goals (or blog). Because if you“€™re not excited, your readers will know „€” and they sure as heck won“€™t be. Passion is the energy of emotion. Its what motivates righteous anger and incandescent outrage. But it also adds verve to thoughtful insight, compassion to solicitous pleas for help, and a quivering sense of excitement behind a long awaited piece of news. Passion is what elevates blogs that have otherwise stale nonsensical content into something immenently readable, and it shoots into the stratosphere blogs that have something fresh, innovative, or insightful to say.

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Robert Basic

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