WordPress 2.2: nette Plugin-Idee

Mark zu einem der neuesten upcoming Features für die 2.2er Version:

So the feature I“€™ve put into WordPress 2.2 is what I call plugin sandboxing. Before a plugin is activated or a plugin is edited, it is tested in a temporary fashion (that is, without being permanently activated). If it passes the test, it is activated for real. If it doesn“€™t pass the test (it“€™s throwing a fatal error that would normally take down your WordPress install), it is deactivated, and you get a nice error message telling you what went wrong. If the fatal error was caused because you edited an active plugin, the „€œUpdate File“€? button changes to „€œUpdate File and Attempt to Reactivate,“€? so that once you correct your typo, the plugin will go back to being activated, without requiring you to go back and manually activate it.

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