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muss ich mir noch in Ruhe durchlesen: The New Portals: It“€™s the Bread, Not the Peanut Butter


The core question a portal needs to answer for a user is „€œHow do I find the information I need?“€?

In the early days of the web, the answer was browsing, which made sense when there were a limited number of useful sites. (Remember when it was a big deal for Yahoo to put the „€œNew!“€? or „€œRecommended“€? icon next to a website“€™s name in their directory?) But as the number of websites became infinite, search replaced browsing as the dominant paradigm for finding new sites, and Yahoo“€™s failure to keep up in this area allowed Google to take the lead…

Facebook has a new answer to the portal question. The „€œsocial graph,“€? or your network of relationships, will push information to you. You“€™ll learn from your friends. Thanks to Facebook“€™s new developer platform, the types of information being disseminated now include not just news, photos, events, and groups but also music, videos, books, movies, causes, political campaigns „€” and the list is rapidly growing into almost every conceivable category.

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