The BluebBook: Bücher und Digitales verbinden

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The blueBook created at the RCA and pictured here is a traditional book over-printed with conductive ink. This conductive ink creates hyperlinks on the page which, when touched by the reader, activates a processor concealed in the cover of the book. This processor then connects via bluetooth to a nearby computer, triggering different actions.

For example, a children’s book on animals might activate sounds and videos on a screen when the printed picture of the animal is touched. Reference books may contain inline glossaries linked to Wikipedia or Google. Keywords in novels trigger incidental music. Buttons on academic papers connect to discussion forums or send feedback to the author.

Erfinder: Manolis Kelaidis
Manolis doesn’t have a startup he’s pitching (yet – he has apparently filed a patent). He’s a lecturer at the Royal College of Art and a Fellow at Imperial College’s Tanaka Business School in London. Whether or not his project ever becomes commercially viable, it’s the kind of sideways thinking that gives the publishers audience more hope for the future than dozens of me-too ebook startups or big company offerings.


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