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China Web 2.0 review schreibt:

According to NetRatings, Tudou’s audience has tripled in last three months. In last three month to August 23rd, the number of weekly clips views skyrocketed by 175%, jumping from 131 million to 360 million. Weekly unique visitors increased by 150% from 11.49 million to 28.84 million during the same period, and weekly web page views grew by 175% to 493 million.

Und gehört damit zur drittgrößten Seite in China.

Witzig finde ich diese Story laut Wikipedia:

Tudou is Chinese Pinyin (Romanized Chinese) for Potato. It was previously known as, and changed its domain name to in August 2006. According to Gary Wang, its founder/CEO, the name of the site comes from the English idiom, „couch potato.“ He stated that his goal was to move couch potatoes from TV screen to computer screen

Man male sich diesen Elevator Pitch aus:
Du: „Ja, moi, ich will halt die Couch Potatoes vom Sofa zum PC moven
Investor: „thats a business, great, how much?

Allerdings müssen die Kosten heftig sein: …with reported daily 50 million video stream starts and 6 million unique visitors, and rumored to be serving over 1 petabyte of data per day.


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