DVB: Contact? (need help)

we try to contact the radio station democratic voice of burma (wikipedia). But we cant reach anybody by mail, fax or phone. So i ask you for help: if you have better/direct contacts to this radio station, help us.

What is it about? Its just a raw idea right now: many people in Burma are listening to this radio station. So, if its October 4th –Free-Burma– we can „send“ the people in Burma our best wishes and let them know, that we do not have forgotten them. How? There are many possibilities: 1. option = DVB creates a special user in Skype and we send our text to this user. DVB picks some of this messages, tranlsates them and send via the ether. If Skype is willing to cooperate with us, they could offer a widget, which we can embed in our websites (i call it the „global widget voice“). Alternative would be Twitter, they have already anything we need. But, Twitter is sometimes sooo slow!? 2. option = simply mail DVB to a specially appointed mailuser your text. Thats it (ok, no widget, but who cares, its just an option from an option). Main target is to reach the people in Burma, so they can hear our voice, since all the internet connections are heavily „regulated“ in and out of Burma.

If you can help and are willing to help, mail me:

in the meanwhile: spread the word🙂

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