Sonstiges AskEraser Rollout

AskEraser? Ein vorbildlicher Ansatz eines der führenden Suchmaschinenanbieter, Was ist es? AskEraser is a new privacy feature from When AskEraser is enabled your search activity will be deleted from servers. You’ll know this privacy feature is enabled when you see the indicator „AskEraser›On“ at the top of an page.

Momentan nur in den USA sichtbar, Rollout erfolgt aber weltweit, in der Suchmaske oben rechts als Link sichtbar:
Ask Erazer

Konkret macht das Teil was?
When enabled, AskEraser will delete your search activity from servers. We cannot delete your search activity from the servers of third-party companies that receive your search queries to provide you with certain aspects of our search results (for example, current weather conditions, stock market summaries, etc.), sponsored search results and other product features.

Allerdings hat das zwei Mankos:
1. Formal legal request — must abide by the laws and regulations of local, state and federal authorities. Even when Ask Eraser is enabled, we may store your search activity data if so requested by law enforcement or legal authority pursuant to due process. In such case, we will retain your search data even if AskEraser appears to be turned on.

2. When AskEraser is on, you will not be able to use a number of personalization options available on the site. The primary reason for this is that each of these options requires us to set cookies, require you to log-in, etc.

Immerhin, prima Ansatz, meinen Such-Viertelmix (Ask, Google, Yahoo, MSN Live) werde ich damit etwas zu Gunsten von erhöhen.

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