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laufen im Rad, bis sie zusammenbrechen. Die NY Times nimmt die Profiblogger ins Visier, u.a. heißt es:

Some sites, like those owned by Gawker Media, give bloggers retainers and then bonuses for hitting benchmarks, like if the pages they write are viewed 100,000 times a month. Then the goal is raised, like a sales commission: write more, earn more. Bloggers at some of the bigger sites say most writers earn about $30,000 a year starting out, and some can make as much as $70,000. A tireless few bloggers reach six figures, and some entrepreneurs in the field have built mini-empires on the Web that are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. … Speed can be of the essence. If a blogger is beaten by a millisecond, someone else“€™s post on the subject will bring in the audience, the links and the bigger share of the ad revenue. „€œThere“€™s no time ever „€” including when you“€™re sleeping „€” when you“€™re not worried about missing a story,“€? Mr. Arrington said.

An sich könnte man jetzt einige Dinge ergänzen, da das Bild recht einseitig skizziert wurde, ganz so, als ob Speed alles wäre, aber, Ars Technica äußert sich auch dazu, so kann ich mir warme Worte zum NY Times-Artikel schenken: NY Times uncovers bloggers who find startups, real life hard

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