Creative Commons startet Case Studies Projekt

könnte spannend werden: Creative Commons Launches Global Case Studies Project

Today Creative Commons (CC), in association with Creative Commons Australia, officially announced the release of the Case Studies Project, which is a large-scale community effort to encourage all to explore and add noteworthy global CC stories. Creative Commons provides free tools to allow copyright-holders to clearly show rights associated with creative works, and now this project shows how notable adopters like author Cory Doctorow, web video-sharing company, and open film project „€œA Swarm of Angels“€? have successfully used CC licenses. And, to underline the collaborative global nature of this project, this launch coincides with Creative Commons Australia“€™s Conference „€œBuilding an Australasian Commons“€? today in Brisbane, where this project is also being announced along with the publication of a publicly available booklet with some of the best global case studies.

Auf CC Casestudies (Wiki) kann man sich echte Beispiele anschauen, was einem CC gebracht hat und auch selbst eigene Erfahrungen beisteuern.

Beispiel: A Swarm of Angels
A Swarm of Angels is a groundbreaking project to create a  £1 million film and give it away to over 1 million people using the Internet and a global community of members.

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