Second Life zieht die Rechtsschrauben an

siehe Second Life“€™s sad birthday desaster (Mr. Topf, ein SL Kenner):

Timing couldn“€™t be better. Today it“€™s Second Life“€™s 5th birthday and also it“€™s the first day when the grace period of trademark use has expired. If you follow this blog you might know that Linden Lab changed their trademark policy to the worst they can do and disallowed their fans to use the name of „€œtheir world“€? (as it says on the Second Life homepage) in their domain names. This includes helpful community sites, many blogs and other publications.

But also the birthday celebration itself are flawed thanks to Linden Lab“€™s bad community management. As Gwyneth and Tateru report Linden Lab took over the celebrations in the last minute although a team of hard working residents has been working on the event for one year, starting directly after last year“€™s celebration. What followed was a set of strict rules of what was allowed and wasn“€™t during the events at the event site leaving out many of the communities of which Second Life consists.

autsch, ziemlich dämlich…

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