Automattic schnappt sich PollDaddy

nach der Übernahme von Intense Debate hat sich Automattic – die Firma hinter – nun auch den Abstimmungsservice PollDaddy einverleibt: PollDaddy!. War wohl günstiger, als selber so einen Dienst zu entwickeln? Keine Ahnung, was es bringt und warum man PollDaddy übernommen hat. Matt Mullenweg begründet es jedoch:

As we started to look at building out our own service for this, it became more obvious that, while on the surface it“€™s a very simple problem, there“€™s a lot of hidden complexity and opportunities for some really powerful features under the hood. There are probably a dozen companies addressing this space right now, but as we started to survey the space I was struck by how often I“€™d see this „€œPollDaddy“€? thing pop up. Two guys in Ireland with a quirky company name were cleaning up with some of the largest and most respected websites using their service on a daily basis. They weren“€™t the biggest, but they had the high end of the market. It seemed to be the WordPress of the polling space.

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