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sehr fein, mittlerweile bekleidet Mr. Lotus Notes und zugleich einer der renommiertesten IT-Fachleute weltweit eine hohe Position direkt unter Bill und Ballmer bei Microsoft (als CTO). Im Rahmen dessen hat er laut Mitschuld von Volker Weber das bloggen wieder aufgenommen – nachdem er als Groove Inhaber ein Blog gestartet hatte, das aber schnell mangels Mangels dahinsiechte – und announced seinen neuesten Bloganlauf in „Ray Ozzie: V3

Würde ich mir auf alle Fälle abonnieren, angesichts seiner Stellung bei MS und auch seines sehr lockeren Stils:

A couple of weeks ago, Bill and I brought life to a new initiative that, over the course of the months and years ahead, will catalyze and deliver a number of things that I’m very excited about. At that event, I said that unlike many other stealth projects I’ve/we’ve done, in this case many of our plans and offerings will evolve progressively and in the open, shaped in good measure by a dialog with you. This is not just feel-good marketing speak: the conversation related to Microsoft – its reputation, its intent and its offerings – is occurring and will continue to vigorously occur on the ’net with or without us. I’d rather it be „with“, and I hope to add value in becoming another of the varied Microsoft voices conversing on the ’net…. Going into this, I certainly know that my posts will be relatively infrequent, and probably won’t go as ‚deep‘ as they might’ve gone in the past. Less essays, more shorter comments. As in my previous blog, I’ll be tracking the conversation by watching inbound links, rather than by enabling comments on the site. The „link mesh of conversation“ is a key distinguishing characteristic of this medium, and is one that I really like.

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