Sonstiges Startet Blognetzwerk

Chefredakteur Jonathan Landmann zum neuen NYTimes Blog namens Carpetblogger (geht um Oscar, Hollywood) und weiteren Blogvorhaben:

We“€™re blogospheric. Yesterday we launched a genuine, authentic, by-the-book New York Times blog. It“€™s Carpetbagger, by David Carr. It“€™s part of a new movie-awards-season web site called Red Carpet, which includes a bunch of things you won“€™t see in the newspaper, like weekly columns by Joyce Wadler and Caryn James… Within a few days, we“€™ll put up a real estate blog by Damon Darlin and others. More blogs are in the works. Even more are at the idea stage. We“€™ve come late to blogging, obviously, though we“€™ve put toes in the water on a number of occasions, as when our movie critics sent running commentary from last year“€™s Cannes film festival….

Und zum Blogselbstverständnis:

We“€™ll use the technology our way. Our bloggers will have editors. They will observe our normal standards of fairness and care. They won“€™t float rumors or take journalistic shortcuts. Critics and opinion columnists can have opinion blogs; reporters can“€™t. (To quote Carr: „€œIf the Carpetbagger delved into plot or relative quality „€“ they didn“€™t turn me loose for my refined cinematic taste  ­ flying monkeys would come out of the ceiling here at headquarters and behead him.“€?) We“€™ll encourage readers to post their thoughts, but we“€™ll screen them first to make sure the conversation is civil. Some bloggers will accuse us of violating blogospheric standards of openness and spontaneity. That“€™s life in the big city.

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Robert Basic

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  • Na bei der Ankündigung sind das nicht Blogs. Sondern einfach alte Medien ins Blog-CMS verpackt, weil’s grad hip ist. Abhaken und vergessen.