Blogtipp: Elatable – Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo-Entwicklungsleiter)

Bradley Horowitz hat sein Yahoo-Blog Elatable aufgemacht:

I head up the Technology Development Group of Yahoo! Search & Marketplace.  This group includes some of the most uplifting, brightest, inspiring folks I“€™ve ever met including Caterina, Jeremy, Chad, Tom, Simon, Niki, Pasha“€¦  It also includes the staff of Yahoo Research Berkeley, Yahoo“€™s lab that focus on Social Media research.  This lab, led by Marc & Ellen, and includes another awesome roster of inspirational talent, including danah, Cameron, Karon, MorRyan,

Inspired by Jeff, formed the TechDev (Technology Development) Group in the Search & Marketplace Group at Yahoo.  Our charter is intentionally vague, and unfolds day to day“€¦    Some of the coolest, smartest, nicest and most subversive Yahoos found a home in this group: Caterina, Jeremy, Chad, Tom, Simon, Niki, Pasha“€¦ (Email me if you believe you belong on this list.)  We work furiously to make Yahoo! a better place, and help Yahoo to do „€œThe Right Thing.“€?  We sponsor things like „€œHack Day„€œ, invite cool (Mark Pauline, Chris Anderson, Philip Rosedale, Guy Kawasaki, etc.) speakers to Yahoo, build cool mashups like the Event Browser, etc.  The other half of TechDev is Yahoo Research Berkeley, a center for Social Media Research.  Read all about it here.

Die Beiträge lesen sich schon einmal prima und sind auch sehr aufschlussreich (Creators, Synthesizers, and Consumers zu Flickr).

via Jeremy Zawodny: The Boss is Blogging 🙂

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