Pulitzer Preis erstmalig für einen Onlineauftritt mit Blog im Zentrum

pulitzder Gewinner des Preises (wird immer nur an Presse/Journalisten vergeben, insofern ist auch der betreffende Online-Auftritt der einer Zeitung), über die Ehre:

The Times-Picayune won two Pulitzer Prizes Monday, including a gold medal for meritorious public service, for the newspaper’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. The newspaper also received a Pulitzer Prize for distinguished reporting of breaking news. Both prizes were awarded to the newspaper’s staff…. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, The Times-Picayune“€™s continuously updated online blog, as well as its online editions of the paper posted each night on its affiliated Web site,, became the source of information for more than a million area residents who had evacuated, and for much of the world.
In his remarks, Amoss acknowledged the contribution of the staff at, „€œwho were integral to everything we published, and made us an around-the-clock vital link to readers scattered across the nation.“€? Visits, or „€œhits,“€? to Times-Picayune pages on, increased from an average of about 800,000 page views a day before Katrina to more than 30 million page hits a day in the days after the storm. Excerpts from those blogs, as well as stories from the online editions of the paper, made up a portion of both of the newspaper“€™s winning entries.

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