Neue No. 1 bei Technorati: Xu Jing Lei

Xu Jing Lei hat heute BoingBoing als das am häufigsten verlinktes Blog in den Technorati Charts abgelöst.

Steve Rubel zu den interessanten Hintergründen:

Blogger Sam Flemming saw something wrong with the Technorati 100. Chinese celebrity Xu Jing Lei was missing. So, he wrote a blog post on the issue and now we have a new #1 blogger. Boing Boing has been dethroned. Xu Jing Lei is now number one. Kudos to T’Rati for listening and reacting.

Given the rapid growth in blogging in other languages we’re going to see a big shake-up in the so-called „A-list.“ Lots of bloggers in other countries, particularly Asia, are going to push the rest of us down the food chain. Good for them. The blogosphere is truly flat.

Und das neue No.1 Blog ist laut Flemming ein echter Monster:

I would think that the blog of Chinese movie celebrity Xu Jing Lei would show up on the list if they were. Just browsing through some of her articles, you can see she can get well over 100,000 page views per article and at least 1,000 comments per article, sometimes 3-4,000. I would be curious how many blogs can generate thousands comments per article on a regular basis


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