Studie: Hinter die Kulissen von Business Bloggern geschaut

Nora Ganim Barnes, Marketing-Professorin an der University of Massachusetts Dartmouth hat 74 Business Blogger befragt. Das Ergebnis kann man sich per PDF anschauen: Behind the Scenes in the Blogosphere:Advice From Established Bloggers

Key Aussagen:
1. Blogs Take Time and Commitment
Initially many of the bloggers in this study did not anticipate the time their blog would take. A good blog is one where posts are fresh and new posts are frequent. Researching interesting new things to share with your audience takes time. … In this study, 49% of bloggers reported the time a blog takes as the major drawback to running one. Two-thirds of the bloggers report spending less than one hour a day on their blog, while 31% spend 1-3 hours a day. One blogger writes, „€œLook on it as a learning experience (you will get back as much as you give). Once you start, don“€™t stop.“€? Another warns, „€œMake sure you have time and resources dedicated to supporting it.“€?

2. Blogs Must Be Part of A Plan
To maximize the potential of a blog, it must be viewed as part of the overall package and voice of the organization. If it is not part of an integrated strategy, it will lack focus and a following. The plan should also address policies on reader comments, directing traffic to the blog from company websites, products and advertising. In this study, 18% of blogs reported having a public policy regulating conversation on their blog. … Fifty-eight percent of bloggers reported their company website directs visitors to their blogs. In all cases the link was on the company site home page. Additionally, 39% reported their company packaging, labeling or promotion directs people to the blog.

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3. A Blog is a Conversation
Blogs, facilitated by increased access to the Internet, high-speed connections, RSS feeds, a selection of easy to use blog software, and new blog search capabilities, now allow businesses to speak to current and potential customers in real time. Equally important, consumers can talk back in real time. Bloggers say, „€œIt“€™s a great way to get closer to your users, customers and other critical stakeholders.“€? „€œThere is no downside to getting to know your customers on a more personal basis.“€?

4. Transparency, Authenticity, and Focus are good. Bland is Bad.
Consumers who feel like a business blog is authentic, honest and interesting will contribute to it and support its products. These contributions, and the resultant conversations, provide a rich new data source for companies as well as great new relationships. One experienced blogger summed it all up for a company thinking about starting a blog: „€œBe honest and don“€™t pander. Readers can tell.“€?

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