Dells langer Weg in die Blogosphere

interessante Entwicklung, die Dells Blog one2one durchgemacht hat: Vor einigen Wochen gestartet und schwer bombardiert worden, mittlerweile aber hört man immer mehr Anerkennung. Was ist gelaufen? Nun, dazu muss man sich nur direkt diesen Beitrag durchlesen: Dell Customer Advocates in the Blogosphere

Before we established a presence in the blogosphere, we had been reading your thoughts on Dell. Some posts were good, some were bad, but the most concerning were those that were from customers who had outstanding support issues. In April this year, we decided to do something about it: we began monitoring blogs to find customers who needed help from Dell support. We use a mix of common tools like Technorati and along with some internal apps to track these efforts. Sometimes our blog support reps e-mail customers directly when their address is published, or they may choose to post directly to a user“€™s blog.

Aber das wollte nicht so recht klappen zunächst, denn:

One surprise“€”customers not responding to our inquiries is a more common occurance than we would have thought … Of course, with all the „stranger danger“ out there in terms of viruses etc., the lower response rate is less surprising.

Also musste das eigene Blog her:

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Now that you know Dell is proactively reaching out to you, we hope the response rate will increase…. With the launch of Dell“€™s blog, we now have another way to connect with users in the blogosphere. As most of you know, we direct your support requests over to some the same people responsible for blog outreach. We originally started monitoring only a subset of English blogs. Just recently, we“€™ve expanded our search to look through many of the millions of English blogs that Technorati currently tracks. Since we started, we have reached out to hundreds of Dell customers through this program“€”still a very small number by comparison to other avenues of support, but one we expect will keep increasing over time.

Charlene Li, Forrester:

Initial reviews from the blogosphere was varied (negative ones and positive ones), but the Dell blog has really grown to provide a fascinating look into not only Dell but also the numbers behind a new blogging operation, such as comment moderation (80% get posted, 18% get redirected to customer service, and only 2% are deleted because they were „€œoff topic“€?). And most importantly, they are directly addressing areas of key concern like customer service problems, bloatware, and yes, even the famous „€œflaming notebook„€?.

Wenn man sich die Userkommentare in verschiedenen Blogs zu diesem Thema so durchliest, scheint das one2one Blog imho immer besser anzukommen, auch wenn der Unmut der betroffenen Blogger (Dell-Kunden) nicht leicht zu besänftigen ist.

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