Verizon startet Blogexperiment

Verizon ist in den USA ein Telekommunikationsriese. Und lese gerade die Meldung, dass:

VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS WILL LAUNCH A blog by the end of the year to create a no-holds barred „all issues on the table“ dialogue with consumers–and will support it with a round-the-clock response team. The plan to expand blogging beyond the telecom company’s existing effort devoted to government relations was described by Jerri DeVard, senior vice president of marketing and brand management for Verizon, … „It’s one of the biggest things we’ll be launching this year,“ said DeVard, who acknowledged that Verizon is playing catch-up in the fields of online and social networking. „We were asleep at the wheel a bit,“ she said… DeVard said it is critical to allocate a percentage of the marketing budget to experiment with innovative tactics so you can understand how they work for your brand… When it comes to engagement, said Jim Nail, chief strategy and marketing officer for b-to-b marketer Cymfony, the question „is not ‚Are you ready to engage?‘ It’s ‚Are you ready when that consumer comes to you?'“ When consumers show up at your Web site, do you have the information there that meets their needs? asked Nail.

Steve Rubel mt einer wichtigen Zusatzinfo:

Verizon plans to support the blog with a 24-hour rapid response team where it will answer „all issues on the table.“ If Verizon pulls this off, it could usher in a customer service sea change. Right now – with the exception of tech knowledge bases – the majority of customer service issues are handed behind closed doors. There’s little way for consumers to learn from the questions posed by others and the response they receive. What Verizon is doing in taking customer service to the blog world sure sounds innovative.

und noch ein Blog: Verizons frisch gestartetes Blog nennt sich PoliBlog. Thema:

Verizon, through its blog, seeks to encourage intelligent discussion of public policy issues affecting the telecommunications industry and Verizon in particular. We will do this by posting our own points of view regularly, engaging in conversation with other posters who offer fact-based comments and reacting to the relevant ongoing blogosphere conversation. While no telecommunications subject is considered off-limits, we will focus on policy issues that have implications for the greatest number of companies and consumers.

Soweit erkennt man 9 Blogger (9 Gefährten.. hehe). 8 Leute aus dem Kommunikationsbereich – bis hin zum COO – und 1 aus dem Bereich IT (Assistant Vice President – Internet and Technology Issues).

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