Blog-Netzwerke: die neuesten Trends

wie könnten zukünftige Formen von Blog-Netzwerken aussehen? Dazu Instablogs:

Shortly, we will be introducing Instablogs 2.0 – The Next Generation Blog Network. On Instablogs 2.0, readers can form small topic-specific communities and tribes; they will find network-wide tagging and searching, a newsroom for news submission/tipping and news link picking. They would also find all the stories in the network aggregated in one place accessible via the reading room. They can also create their network of friends. They can read, rate and comment on stories. You will find features like RSS customization for any channel, topic, writer, tag, etc. You can keep track of your friends, comments and posts easily. You subscribe only those channels you want and unsubscribe others you wish not to read.

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Über den Autor

Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.