Measure Map Revival

es ist zweieinhalb Jahre her, dass ich den mit Abstand besten Blog-Tracker Measure Map testen konnte, der nicht lange nach seinem Start von Google aufgekauft wurde. Nach dem Kauf wurde es komplett still, es sah so aus, als hätte man das Tool eingestampft. Nun bekomme ich diese Mail mit einem Lebenszeichen:


Remember Measure Map? A couple of years ago, we gave you an account on an early alpha test of our blog analytics software. Since then, a lot has happened. We got acquired by Google, we redesigned their Analytics app, and we’ve since rebuilt Measure Map from the ground up. I’m writing you because we need to move everyone over from their Measure Map accounts to the new version at Google. If you’re no longer interested, no problem. You can stop reading this now. But if you’d like to try out the new service, here’s how:…

Once you’ve logged in, we’ll give you the steps to signing up with the new service. You’ll need a Google Analytics account, and there are a couple other details – but it should be pretty clear.

If you have any questions about this, we’ll all be hanging out in this Google Group. One final note – we won’t be able to migrate your data from the alpha test to the new service. We’ll keep your stats up until the middle of May, if you’d like to have a final look.

Thanks for your early support of Measure Map!

Jeff, Ryan, Greg, Doug, and Nicholas

sobald es was Neues gibt, gibts ein Folgeposting.

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